If you’re a regular Skype user, you’ll no doubt love the ‘free’ nature of Skype-to-Skype calls. But the VoIP platform is a lot more than that – you can call mobiles and landlines anywhere in the world using Skype credit, which is one of its main revenue streams.

Now, however, the Microsoft-owned service is making many more calls free for a month to certain countries. This entails calls to mobiles in seven countries, including the USA, Canada, Hong Kong and Thailand, plus unlimited calls to landlines in more than forty countries which consist largely of European territories.

The one slight caveat worth mentioning here, however, is that you have to sign up with your credit card and subscribe to its auto-renewing feature…so the onus will be entirely on you to cancel it once your month’s usage is up.

Interestingly, Microsoft is only making this available to existing Skype users who have been registered for more than 29 days. This would seem like a good opportunity to reel in non-Skype users too, but it’s not open to them for now.