French-Belgian Internet radio company Radionomy this morning announced that it has attracted more than 13 million unique listeners worldwide since its initial debut back in in 2008. Furthermore, its network currently boasts more than 6,000 user-programmed online radio stations that generate more than 42 million listening hours every month.

The company will now establish a new office in San Francisco in a bid to break into the U.S. market by mid-September, Radionomy notes in a statement.

The new office will initially employ European staff members and focus on sales, marketing and business development through partnerships.

Radionomy caters to music lovers who want to share more than a lone track, album or playlist. Users can set up a full-fledged online radio station to play music or any other audio content.

In turn, Radionomy takes care of the actual broadcasting and promotion of the stations, rights management, scheduling and audience monitoring and reporting.

It also operates an online radio advertising subsidiary dubbed Adionomy.

The venture-backed company currently boasts offices in Germany, France, Spain and Belgium.