OnTrade has launched a new B2B platform, dubbed OnTrade Travel, that allows travel industry professionals to connect, interact and close deals online.

Described as a hybrid of social media, lead generation and deal making, OnTrade Travel lets both sides of the equation – buyers and suppliers – set up a “LinkedIn-style” profile and attach it to one of the 225,000 travel company profiles (hotels, airlines and whatnot) currently live on the platform.

Buyers can then post requests, which are matched online, in real time, with deals posted by supplier members that would normally be reserved only for face-to-face meetings. The platform is, however, accessible by invitation only.

OnTrade’s approach allows companies to set up representatives to sell the products in different countries and post offers that are relevant for different regions or sectors, catering to the way the global (and huge) travel industry works.

The company aims to expand to other verticals in the future.