A very early member of the Google+ team, Punit Soni, has just shared that he’ll be moving over to the newly Google-acquired Motorola Mobility as Vice President of Product.

Soni was previously Group Leader for Google’s mobile efforts in social as well as “Lead Product Manager, Google+ Games and Mobile” according to his LinkedIn Profile. Here’s what he had to say:

After being a part of the Google+ effort from its inception, its time for a change. I am heading off to Motorola Mobility to go work on the next generation of mobile experiences.

Thanks to all of the awesome users who helped us build up the product to where it is now. I love you guys!

While Soni hasn’t shared what he’ll be working on exactly as of yet, it is important to note that Motorola Mobility is very alive and well and won’t be squished just to pull patents out of the deal.

When Soni was working on the Google+ platform, he made it very clear that the company is not into social to play the “me-too” game.

There’s no word on who will fill his position, but we will let you know when we find out.