While I’m here at the LAUNCH Education & Kids conference, I’ve already seen quite a few interesting companies that hope to bring more technology to schools. There’s a nice mix of companies who want to serve both administrators as well as the students who attend classes.

One of the most interesting demonstrations that I’ve seen is from a company called SMALLab Learning which has a product that it calls “Flow”, which brings Xbox Kinect to classrooms with a series of learning software and games.

The company has a list of interesting investors, including the Bill Gates Foundation. Here’s how SMALLabs explains its Flow product:

Students use their hands in real 3D space to manipulate images, sounds, text, and graphics. This kinesthetic engagement opens new pathways to learning.

Clearly, bringing game mechanics and devices to a school environment grabs the interest of kids of any age.

Check out a few demos of the types of thing Flow can do:

The company says that students using its products are seeing 20% test score increases, which is extremely impressive.