Amazon is lowering the cost of Amazon Web Services Data Transfer from July 1st, the company announced to customers via email today.

Inbound data transfer currently costs $0.10 per gigabyte, and will cost absolutely nothing after the changes kick in. For outgoing data, the tiers have been slashed considerably. They now range from $0.120 per gigabyte to $0.050 per gigabyte, with the cost decreasing over that scale as more data is transfered over the month.

Amazon says that a customer transferring 10 TB a month both in and out will save 52% with the new pricing, a fairly significant chunk of change. Amazon is affordable amongst its peers, but can still cost web companies a pretty penny. These changes are sure to make a lot of people happy.

The changes come after a controversial move to end the Amazon Associates Program in California in protest to a sales tax bill that was passed yesterday, though I wouldn’t be quick to say that this is some sort of appeasement after the company ended what is for some people a very significant income source.