Update from Yahoo! at the foot of the post.

If you’ve been having trouble getting into your Yahoo! Mail today, you’re not alone. Wide reports across Twitter are showing many people are having the same problem. The problem? Nobody seems to know why it’s working for some and yet not others.

While many of us here at TNW forget about Yahoo! Mail, it’s a service that still dwarfs Gmail in number of users. Along with Hotmail (which Microsoft has been working to improve greatly) Yahoo! is that elephant in the room that people seem to be able to ignore until something goes wrong.

Screen shot 2011 04 28 at 12.00.45 PM 520x417 Yahoo! Mail is down for many [Updated]

It appears that the problem may be related to the new Yahoo! Mail Beta rollout, as many who are unable to access their accounts are included in the Beta users. However, to confuse matters even further, we’ve also gotten reports that some of the Beta users are able to access their mail with no problems.

With recent updates such as a more tightly integrated social system and themes, Yahoo! has been clawing its way toward a comeback in popularity. This present problem may hamper things a bit.

We’ve contacted the team at Yahoo! to see if we can get a comment. We’ll let you know as this story develops.

Update: We’ve gotten word back from Yahoo! So far, there’s no real answer other than an acknowledgement —

Yahoo mail is currently inaccessible to some users. We are working to correct the issue and restore all functionality immediately. We know that this may have caused some inconvenience and we apologize to our users who might be affected.