Screen shot 2010 04 12 at 20.57.57 300x128 Foursquare Hits New Landmark: First check in at the North PoleIt had to happen at some point. A Foursquare user has checked in at the North Pole.

The lucky first winner of Foursquare’s ‘Last Degree’ badge, awarded for a check-in at the most northerly point in the world, is 15-year old Parker Liataud.

The check-in occurred on Saturday but Foursquare announced it just now. Liataud’s Twitter account describes him thus: “I will be one of the youngest people to ski the Last Degree of the North Pole in Spring 2010, and teach you a few things about the environment along the way.”

According to his tweets, poor weather meant he couldn’t trek to the North Pole on skis as planned and instead had to travel by helicopter.

Still, he got a Foursquare badge for his trouble, and that’s just as good. Right? Well, maybe not but it does signify another landmark on Foursquare’s trek to taking over the world. How many people will follow in Parker’s footsteps and grab the Last Degree badge without cheating?