Every year it takes webmasters a few days (or months!) to realize that it is a new year and they should update the copyright notices at the bottom of their websites. I know, it is trivial, but I just can’t help but smile when I see the most expensive and well watched frontpage of the world display ‘2007’ when it is actually 2008

Google and Yahoo: both wrong
20080101 dwtyrkdfynitxgpew8we4cxrwd What year is it? 20080101 tnfaeqna7ekbdhcc3hkge34mrj What year is it?

CNN and Reuters: Reuters wins!
20080101 xx26g1bu1eh6amd28tiy7me25k What year is it? 20080101 dggycd1k16w4q7e5at38af5mxy What year is it?

Wired and Techcrunch: both wrong
20080101 eh2nm32748yp9kyka73d3r3sxh What year is it? 20080101 bhty3ydwnryuei65urb2u3uinp What year is it?

Apple and Microsoft: sorry Apple fans, both wrong
20080101 en2edmrs2kae493s9ksieqdnnh What year is it? 20080101 nnya8j9hniu8armpkd5r6akj1f What year is it?

See any other funny examples of outdated websites?