Are you a woman interested in blockchain? Get 85% off your ticket to #HardFork2018

Disrupt the industry

Bring your voice to #HardFork2018

It’s no secret that diversity is an ongoing issue in blockchain and cryptocurrency. That’s why we want to make sure that every voice is represented at Hard Fork Decentralized – including yours.

At our event, we’re discussing the future of blockchain – join the conversation to ensure that it’s a future we can all agree on. Expect to meet experts in the industry, share your interest with peers, learn new skills, and listen to leaders on stage.

How it works

Here’s how you can join

To get 85% off your ticket to Hard Fork Decentralized, all you have to do is follow these steps:

First, fill in your email. After you’ve verified it, we’ll ask you to send a personalized link to two other women interested in blockchain. Once they signed up via the link (just as you did), you’ve secured yourself a ticket!

Your Ticket

Women in Blockchain Ticket

TNW2020 is now on October 1 & 2

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