Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Hard Fork Decentralized?

    Hard Fork Decentralized is a three-day event hosted by TNW and its sub-brand, Hard Fork. Attracting experts, enthusiasts, and executives in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, the event aims to foster diverse discussions and debates surrounding the technology’s future. With more than 30 decentralized tracks, spread out across London and hosted by the industry’s leading companies, attendees will hear expert keynotes, participate in workshops and roundtable sessions, and expand their network.

  2. Who is it for?

    The event is aimed at those who are active within the industry – this won’t be an introductory session. Instead, those who have experience and interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency will get the most out of Hard Fork Decentralized. We aim for our attendees to hear expert opinions, have in-depth discussions, and close business deals.

    Themes for this year:
    Blockchain technology and DApps | Mining | Investment and Tokenomics| Regulation | Trading

  3. Which companies are hosting events at Hard Fork Decentralized?

    For our first edition of Hard Fork Decentralized, we have partnered with eToro, Tron, Waves, Luno, UCommunity, LTO Network, UTRUST, The Reserve and many more which will be hosting events. You can find the full list of partners and the schedule of their events here.  

  4. What are the dates for Hard Fork Decentralized?

    Hard Fork Decentralized will take place on December 12-14.

  5. Where does Hard Fork Decentralized take place?

    Hard Fork Decentralized is taking place at multiple locations across London, UK. The exact locations can be found on the pages of each event here.

  6. What will I find at the different events?

    You can expect intimate deep-dive sessions and workshops hosted by blockchain and cryptocurrency experts, keynotes from industry leaders, panels, Q&A sessions with influencers, and much more.

  7. What happens at The Exchange?

    The Exchange is the hub where deals get done. At The Exchange decision makers come together to build new partnerships, conduct 1-1 meetings, join roundtable discussions, interact with speakers, partners, investors, and vendors through a range of formats. You can find the agenda for The Exchange here

    A business pass is required to access The Exchange.

  8. What time do the events start and finish?

    Each Hard Fork Decentralized event has its own program. You can check the exact times on the events' page here

  9. How can I sign up for the events?

    You can sign up for some of our decentralized events here. Sign ups for the rest will open soon! 

  10. How can I sign up for the roundtables at The Exchange?

    Sign-ups for the roundtables at The Exchange will open soon. 

    Note: Business Pass is required to sign up for the roundtables at The Exchange! 

  11. Are there any side-events?

    Yes, TNW is hosting a CryptoNight, an exclusive event with some blockchain-themed cocktails on Wednesday Dec 12 at CitizenM Tower and on Friday morning, Dec 14, TNW runs London, where you can join the team for a 5k run alongside the river Thames. 

  12. How can I get a letter of invitation for a visa?

    Send an e-mail to to ask for the documentation. We require you to have paid for your ticket before we send you an invitation. 

  13. I’m interested in volunteering at Hard Fork Decentralized, how can I apply?

    Glad you've asked! In order to apply as a volunteer at Hard Fork Decentralized, you must be 18 years old or older at the time of the event and you have to be determined to contribute to the overall success of the event. If the answer is yes to both, then click here to apply. Please note that we only process applications from in and around London.

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