About Hard Fork

What is Hard Fork?

Hard Fork is a TNW-powered publication about cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies, and the people behind them.

Hard Fork offers in-depth profiles and features on developments and people in this realm. It covers short news, and does critiques and analysis of blockchain companies, creators, and their hardcore followers.

Our audience ranges from cryptocurrency veterans looking for latest, to blockchain beginners who are still finding their way. Our goal is to tell relevant stories that matter to all, either because they're just better written, or because they offer unique insights.

Hard Fork is driven by fascination and a genuine interest in providing our readers with a mix of factually accurate, timely news, more opinionated articles, and in-depth background.

What's TNW's role in Hard Fork?

Hard Fork is TNW's first news brand focussed on a specific interest group. While still using TNW's unique tone-of-voice, its enormous reach, and its credibility in the tech world, Hard Fork provides separate online real estate to publish more news and more in-depth content - without tipping the topic balance on TNW itself.

Forking the TNW brand also provides more opportunities to organize specialized events aimed at readers with this specific interest.

What does eToro have to do with Hard Fork?

While our launching partner eToro provides financial support, they have no influence on our editorial strategy, coverage, or direction. The partnership does provide Hard Fork with access to certain key players in the blockchain industry, who might have been difficult to reach without them. When asked, eToro also provides Hard Fork with specialists within the field, such as traders, influencers, or investors, who may or may not be connected to eToro. We will always strive to disclose when this is the case.

What IS eToro exactly?

eToro, the world's leading social trading and investment platform, was founded in 2007 by Yoni and Ronen Assia. Even as teenagers, the brothers were fascinated by financial markets and had a vision to simplify and make them available to everyone in the world. Today, eToro's award-winning platform connects a community of over 9 million users, investing in traditional asset classes like stocks, commodities, currencies and indices through to cryptocurrencies and CopyFunds. In 2011, eToro introduced CopyTrader™ to its platform - a social trading technology which enables users to follow, discuss, share content, copy and be copied by other users. Yoni's passion for blockchain technology started when Bitcoin was being traded for mere dollars. Yoni had initiated and led many blockchain projects over the years, and collaborated with the most renowned crypto-entrepreneurs. One of these projects was “Coloured Coins” which Yoni led along with Vitalik Buterin as part of the founding team.

For more information, visit www.eToro.com