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TNW Google Archives (Page 12)


Google Launches Applause Tool for Hangouts on Air


Nest Integrates Dropcam and Other Home Automation Systems

Chris Yerga, engineering director of Goo

Google Play Movies & TV for iOS: Offline Playback

Google’s Android And Chrome Chief Sundar Pichai Holds News Event

Google's Chromecast Gets 1080p Chrome Casting in Beta


Nest to Launch in France, Netherlands, Belgium and Ireland


Google Chrome to Sunset SHA-1 Cryptographic Hash Algorithm


Google Settles Photographer Lawsuit Over Google Books


Google Makes Site-Specific Search More Prominent, Robust

Google Maps Returns To Apple’s iPhone

Google Unveils Cartographer, its Backpack Setup for Indoor Maps

FireShot Screen Capture #276 – ‘Build your own NFL GIF – Madden GIFERATOR’ – giferator_easports_com_create_team

Madden Giferator: GIFs & Smack Talk via Google

Sundar Pichai, google chrome

Google Chrome for Android Gets Material Design Makeover


Google-founded Calico Teams Up with AbbVie to Research Treatments for Age-Related Diseases