As part of Google’s development of the next Android version, the company is working on developing business-specific features to take on leader BlackBerry as well as newcomers Apple and Samsung. The move is part of a major effort to make its Android software more attractive to businesses and corporate buyers, according to two sources cited by The Information.

Google’s Sundar Pichai is leading the initiative to boost Android’s security, and possible features include storage of sensitive information directly on chips, stronger data encryption, as well as compatibility with apps that require extra authentication (such as biometric information like thumbprints). New APIs for managing device and apps remotely (such as being able to wipe out only the portion of a device that has company data) as well as a separate approval process for enterprise applications to make sure they are safe and only available to employees are also being considered.

Android KitKat’s successor, expected to be unveiled at Google’s annual conference for software developers in June, is internally known as the “L” release, since a name for the next version has yet to be picked. Google uses dessert names chosen in alphabetical order for its Android releases, and the letter “L” is next in line.

Image Credit: Simon Bratt/Shutterstock