Google and HP are now recalling all chargers that were sold with the HP Chromebook 11, following complaints that it was overheating in-use. The two companies halted all sales of the device on November 13, and told customers to stop using the charger that was bundled with the device. Any other micro-USB charger reportedly works fine with the HP Chromebook 11, however.

A recall published by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission today says 145,000 chargers could be affected by the problem. It also expands upon the complaints submitted by a small group of users: “Google has received nine reports of chargers overheating and melting during use,” the notice says. “There is one report of a small burn to a consumer and one report of minor property damage to a pillow from an overheating charger.”

If you ordered a HP Chromebook 11 in October of November, the Commission says to contact Google for a free, replacement charger.

Micro-USB charging was a novel feature for the HP Chromebook 11, but it’s interesting that it appears to be the charger, rather than the device itself, which is causing problems. It’s unclear if and when Google and HP will resume sales of the Chrome OS-powered laptop.

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➤ US Consumer Product Safety Commission (Via The Verge)