Last month, Google confirmed that Google Glass would soon be updated with Google Play Music and All Access integration — and the company has delivered today.

Google has added Google Play Music to the list of official apps supported by Glass — as announced by Glass engineer Stephen Lau in a Google+ update (hat/tip CNET).

Glass owners are able to listen to tracks from their Play Music library, as well as All Access – Google’s on-demand music streaming service – simply by uttering the phrase “Okay Glass, listen to,” and the name of an artist, playlist, album or song. Android Police reports that a ‘Live Card’ will then appear, which displays information such as the artist and song name, as well as basic commands to pause or skip to the next song.

Lau says Glass owners who side-loaded the Google Play Music2.apk must uninstall it first before installing the Play Music app.

Stereo earbuds with interchangeable caps have also been made available to Google Glass owners alongside the roll-out of the Play Music app, with a price tag of $85, according to Android Police.

Earlier on, Google already introduced a “mono earbud” for the updated version of Glass that will be released to its Explorer program later this year.

Google has been updating Google Glass before the release of the device to its Explorer program later this year, and an official accessory store quietly came online in October.

Headline image via Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images