Here’s what a Google+ Auto-Awesome movie looks like

Here’s what a Google+ Auto-Awesome movie looks like

Earlier today, Google unveiled a new multimedia feature called Auto-Awesome Movies. It offers some pretty interesting features, but do you really know what it looks like? Brian Matiash, one of the company’s community managers for Google+ Photos, put together a 2 minute clip showcasing its capabilities.

Below is the Google+ post from Matiash along with the video he created. Click play on the video below to see what he did.

Another conference. “Great.”

This one’s different, trust us. Our new event for New York is focused on quality, not quantity.

Matiash states that 90 percent of video was done through automated editing while the remainder was done through the use of the built-in editing software.

Brian Matiash’s first #AutoAwesome Movie (Google+)

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