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Google+ users will be pleased to hear that they can edit their photos again from the lightbox. The photo editor disappeared from the Web earlier this week, which meant that users were unable to crop, rotate, sharpen or resize any of their stored images.

The problem was reported as early as September 1, causing some unrest among the Google+ community. Users could still upload, view and share their photos though; they simply had to find another way of editing their images.

Oddly, these features remained intact in the Google+ Android and iOS apps. Google later acknowledged the issue on Google+, saying it was “working to bring back this capability as soon as possible”. The cause of the problem was never disclosed.

Google Plus Daily noticed earlier today that the Edit feature had been restored for Google+ users on the Web. The post on Google+ acknowledging the problem has also been changed to reflect that “everything’s back to normal.”

Google+ Photos (via Google Plus Daily)