Google today announced the release of AdWords Editor 10.2, which supports upgraded sitelinks for enhanced campaigns. You can download the new version for Windows and Mac now directly from Google Support.

Here’s what’s new in AdWords Editor 10.2 (release notes):

  • View and manage sitelinks and settings, including device preference, using the new “Sitelinks (upgraded)” tab.
  • Add, edit, or remove sitelinks at the campaign or ad group level.
  • Copy and paste upgraded sitelinks between campaigns or ad groups.
  • Include upgraded sitelinks in imports and exports.

At the same time, all AdWords campaigns have now been upgraded to enhanced campaigns, meaning the latest AdWords Editor release only supports enhanced campaigns. Instructions for upgrading are here (the deadline is four months from now: December 13, 2013).

Top Image Credit: Håkan Dahlström