Following the first wave of its “Explorer Program,” Google has shared that winning #ifihadglass applicants will start receiving invitations to try Glass “over the next few weeks.”

Sadly, if you are not among the lucky few selected by Google, it doesn’t look like you’ll get your hands on Glass any time soon — the company has shared that it isn’t “taking any more applications right now.”

For successful #ifihadglass applicants, this announcement should be satisfying to read; Google had previously been unclear as to when the winners would receive their Glass. Last we heard, the company simply said “we’ll start reaching out to [winners] later on” back in April.

Google ambiguously stated that it is “thrilled to be moving into the next phase of our Explorer Program and we hope to expand in the future.”

Now over a year old, the Explorer Program is still limited to a very small group of users. Whether you’re excited to try Google Glass or can’t help but rip on them, it looks like these futuristic specs are rather far from being ready for a public release.

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