Google is making moves to iron out the creases and streamline its mobile payments service Google Wallet, eliminating the need for shoppers to enter credit card details, addresses and any other payment details at the point-of-sale.

Google Wallet was launched in September last year, allowing US shoppers to store debit and credit cards, loyalty cards, gift cards and other payment cards, for use via their mobile phone.

Often on mobile websites, shoppers are asked to enter anything up to twenty different fields of information, which is annoying enough on a PC, but can prove particularly fiddly on a small screen.

Now, on some mobile websites that accept Google Wallet, you’ll not have to enter anything, as this data will automatically be reeled in by Google Wallet.

So when you click “Buy with Google Wallet”, you log-in to Google Wallet and complete your order, which is three steps. This moves it a lot closer to something like PayPal, which usually requires just a few steps to complete a transaction.


In terms of merchants this is enabled with, there’s, and for starters. Google says that it’s currently working with a number of other online retailers to integrate Google Wallet with their mobile sites, including Finish Line,, Seamless, and others.

So now you can pay without entering long-strings of data, view credit/debit card details, transaction history and set default cards for purchases with your Google Wallet account.

Feature Image Credit – Thinkstock