Knowledge Graph has been an extremely helpful addition to Google search results, as I’ve learned more than I ever wanted to about people like Chuck Norris and the guy who sings “Hello.” Here’s something that I didn’t know though, Knowledge Graph will help you find upcoming performances by your favorite musician.

All you have to do is Google your favorite artist and if there is information available, it will show up on the right-hand side under “Upcoming Events” within the Knowledge Graph stub:

When you click on the event, Google performs another search with all of the information, so you can buy tickets or learn more about that particular venue. Sadly, it’s not perfect, as I couldn’t find upcoming shows for Dave Matthews Band.

Still though, pretty handy, don’t you think?

It seems like Google could actually turn this into a new source of revenue, if it were to link directly to the system that is handling ticket-buying, or you know…start its own. At the very least, I’d like to see this tied into Google+ Local a bit more, but it’s a start.