Google has provided the Google Apps Device Policy app late last year, which let account administrators manage a bunch of Android devices on company apps accounts at once. It has been steadily expanding the capabilities of the management app, adding new features on a regular schedule.

Today, it announced that administrators can now grant users the ability to remotely wipe their own devices the moment they notice it’s missing.

Through the Google Apps Device Policy app, administrators have the ability to remotely erase data from lost or stolen devices. Now we’re extending this capability so that IT admins can grant end users the ability to remotely delete data from their phone as soon as they notice it’s missing using the My Devices page.

Obviously, users are normally much quicker to notice when their devices have gone missing than admins will be, so giving them the ability to remotely wipe their own devices seems like a nice additional bit of protection.

This ability is similar to the one that Apple offers users via its Find My iPhone app and iCloud service. Administrators of iOS devices can use the Apple Configurator app to remotely wipe corporate devices and to allow users access (or deny them) to those functions.

This new addition makes corporate users able to utilize the wipe functionality that personal Android device users have had for a while now.

Image Credit: Clive Darra