If you’re someone who wants to keep up on all of the Android news from Google, then you’re in for a treat. Until now, all of the Android bits have been packed into the Google Mobile blog, but today it has broken away into its own home.

Here’s what the Google Mobile team had to say about the new home for Android news:

A few months ago, we asked what content you wanted to see more of on the Google Mobile Blog, and the answer was quite clear: more Android! We launched +Android on Google+ and now we’ve launched the Official Android Blog, a new place for you to find all the latest news from the Android team.

Going forward, the new Android Blog will be a must-read for anyone interested in the latest news like today’s Google Wallet announcement. Thanks for being such a great audience over the years.

Expect to find more news like the item we shared with you about Google Wallet today.

You can find the new blog here, hosted on Blogger of course: http://officialandroid.blogspot.com/