All of the Olympics festivities are underway in London, and we’re sure you’re trying to get your fix. Here’s a neat way to do just that: Check out the Google+ Event Page for the Olympics.

With the people “attending” both virtually and physically, all types of photos are pouring into the Event Page thanks to its “party mode”, where while you’re attending, all of your media is automatically shared within the Event. It’s kind of cool to see a mix of people who are there and those who are watching on TV.

Peep this:

You don’t have to “attend” to check out all of the content, but you can re-share, comment, and just watch it all slide to the page in real-time.

There’s also a slideshow mode that lets you check everything out in full-screen glory…all live.

The Events product launched at Google+ I/O this year, and is a pretty fun experience.

Olympics Event Page on Google+