As we prepare for the Fourth of July celebrations here in the United States, Google would like to remind us about something that’s very important – the free and open Internet.

Along with the video below, the company is asking you to sign up and share your “voice” about everything having to do with keeping the Internet open and free:

More than any time in history, more people in more places have the ability to make their voices heard.

Just as we celebrate freedom, we need to celebrate the tools that support freedom.

Add your voice in support of a free and open Internet.

Google says it will be posting some of the comments left on the site, but will only use your email address to send you updates on Internet policy initiatives. Everything else stays private.

Here’s Google’s video, titled “Celebrate freedom. Support a free and open Internet.”

Additionally, over on, you’re shown a great image of an American flag that Google wants you to download and share:

It’s an important time as any to pay attention to all of the suggested rules and regulations that could damage our experience with the Internet forever. In fact, it’s even more important to keep the Internet open and free for generations to come.