We knew that Google I/O was going to be popular, but we didn’t expect demand to be so huge that tickets would sell out in 28 minutes.

That’s what happened just after 7am PDT, when Google pushed live the registration page for Google I/O tickets. Requiring visitors to sign into their Google+ profiles, and then select tickets, many were met the following page which, upon loading, informed them that tickets had sold out:

If you visit the Google I/O event page now, you will see that Google has already notified potential customers that General and Academic tickets are no longer available:

Last year, Google I/O sold out in 58 minutes. This year, it took less than 30. Maybe it’s because attendees believe they will receive a free smartphone, tablet or Chromebook when they attend.

If Google solicits this kind of response, Apple developers may find it even more difficult to secure a ticket for WWDC.

We have contacted Google for clarification, we will update the article should we receive a response.