The Google+ team has been ping-ponging back and forth with updates for the iOS and Android versions of the app, keeping them updated with similar features.

Today, the team has announced an update specifically for iOS that addresses some of the top requests and concerns from its users. Google’s Jon Sharkey posted about the update, which includes:

– Support for landscape mode
– Clickable links in Messenger
– Bug fixes and performance improvements throughout the app

I have to believe that one of the most sought after features is a version of Google+ specifically designed for the iPad, but we weren’t graced with its presence just yet. The fixing of bugs is appreciated though, as the app ends up crashing on my iPhone every third or fourth time I use it.

The last update for the Google+ iOS app was a huge one, bringing the popular photo and video Instant Upload feature that had only been on the Android version to Apple devices.

These minor updates do show that the Google+ team is paying attention to its userbase and it will be interesting to if Google+ will ever take advantage of the iPad’s extra real estate.

Google+ for iOS