The EU’s verdict on the Google, Motorola deal could be delayed

The EU’s verdict on the Google, Motorola deal could be delayed

The European Commission, currently mulling its decision on whether to approve Google’s planned acquisition of Motorola Mobility, has paused the process while it asks for more information from Google on the deal.

As Bloomberg reports, the executive arm of the EU has asked for “Certain documents that are essential to its evaluation of the transaction,” before it can continue with its investigation. As we reported last month, a verdict was expected by 10 January 2012. However, after the process was halted on 6 December, the conclusion may come later.

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A Google spokesperson told Bloomberg that the Commission’s request was ‘routine’, and that it was “confident the commission will conclude that this acquisition is good for competition.”

In addition to acquiring a prominent handset manufacturer, the deal would also see Google obtain a vast bank of patents to help protect Android in the vicious ‘patent wars’ between players in the mobile industry.

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