Google has today announced that it is bolstering its movie search abilities on Android and iPhone by giving searchers summaries, ratings and the nearest theaters and showtimes when you perform a search for your favorite theater or a new movie.

This should help to surface the relevant data for you more quickly and let you slam a movie title into the search box to get the stuff you need. Chances are if you’re searching on your phone, you’re out and about and just want the relevant theater info as quick as possible.

When you perform a search, you’ll get results that show movie posters at the top that display all movies or movies at the theater you search for, then a summary of that movie, along with a rating, then the results for either times or theaters and times. Pretty slick.

The new view has a ‘slideable’ carousel of movie posters that allows you to flip through them for quick browsing if you’re still undecided. If you see an arrow on the poster, you can tap it to view the trailer.

You can even just search for ‘movies’ and get the results for everything in your area, categorized by the movie or local theaters.

The whole thing looks very slick, a huge improvement to the previous movie searching process via Google.