Google announced on the official Google India blog on Thursday that the company had brought the Chrome Web Store to Indian shores, along with 23 other countries. The Chrome Web Store was launched in December last year as a way for users of the browser to get access to apps, extensions and themes designed for it.

Now that it has found its way to India, Google Chrome users in the country will be able to access all the content that is currently available on the store. What’s more, Indian developers and content providers now get to join the Chrome bandwagon and make their own apps available to the rest of the world.

For starters, Google points out an Indian music app from Saavn, ESPN Cricinfo and TurboCricket for fans of the sport in the cricket-obsessed nation, Midday for Bollywood gossip and Jagran for news in Hindi. And, of course, there are more to be had on the Chrome Web Store.