You’ve probably not heard about this yet, but it’s likely that you’ve seen it.

Google hasn’t made any mention of the service, but the company has brought about Twitter feeds in ads.

Pretty cool concept, honestly.  Your display ad shows up, and your latest Tweet appears in it.  A viewer can choose to “Follow on Twitter”, or click any other part of the ad to be taken to your business’ page.

According to an article on Clickz, Google has declined to comment directly about the new service, but is saying that the company is “running a number of experiments with different technology partners”.

Does advertising really need Twitter integration?  In a market where transparency is king, those businesses that are choosing to use Twitter the right way stand to benefit greatly.  However, if all you’re doing is tweeting your daily special, you might want to seek some assistance in figuring things out.

Oh yes, and as for your Twitter account?  Might want to keep a close eye on who is using it and what they’re saying, because those words will now be the advertising for your company.