Pi-Bot teaches students about robotics and C programming

Pi-Bot teaches students about robotics and C programming

Engineering education startup STEM Center USA has created a Kickstarter campaign for Pi-Bot, an affordable Arduino-based robot that you can use to teach students how to build their own robots and program in C.

While the Pi-Bot might sound like it uses a Raspberry Pi computer, it doesn’t. It’s named after the mathematical constant because of the shape of its chassis.

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Pi-Bot comes with a complete kit for assembling and programming the robot, as well as a manual and curriculum for students. The device includes a four-speed gearbox, a light sensor and an ultrasonic sensor.

If you’re interested in fiddling with the Pi-Bot, you can pick one up for a pledge of $75 or more. STEM Center expects to begin shipping the first units out in June of this year.

➀ Pi-Bot: The Next Great Tool in Robotics Learning Platforms [Kickstarter]

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