The simple fact is that Candy Crush and other Facebook games are fun. But sometimes the fun needs an extra little boost. For those times when you need a little help, in-app purchases are available to give you a little help. Now you can get those upgrades directly from your Facebook desktop News Feed.

Today the social network announced that virtual goods would be available for purchase from the Facebook desktop News Feed via ads. Developers can create ads that offer virtual goods for sale and a user can buy those goods without leaving their feed.

0710 fb offer You can now buy Facebook game upgrades directly from your News Feed

For developers, this is a great way to reengage with past players who may have stopped playing a game and current players interested in enhancing their gaming experience. Currently, most upgrades are promoted and purchased from within a game.

For developer Kixeye, its test of the system with the game Battle Pirates saw a 10 percent click-through rate and 50 percent conversion rate for players that purchased virtual goods in the past. It probably helped that the company discounted its virtual currency.

0710 fb paymentdialog You can now buy Facebook game upgrades directly from your News Feed

Developers can start creating desktop News Feed ads today and gamers can expect to see more ways to upgrade their games in their News Feed very soon.