Following the loss of #thatsftree, San Francisco Instagrammers pay their respects in photos

Following the loss of #thatsftree, San Francisco Instagrammers pay their respects in photos

Instagram users mourned the loss of a beloved photo icon in San Francisco this past weekend. If you’ve ever participated in an Instagram outing or get-together, chances are that you’ve met friends on top of Mount Davidson, the city’s tallest hill.

For the past year, a specific tree had been the gathering place for the community and become rather famous. But, over the weekend, a windstorm knocked the tree down destroying a symbol Instagrammers had come to love and respect. On Monday, the community gathered and paid their respect in a way befitting the moment: using Instagram.

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What made this tree so special? Most likely nothing — it was just an ordinary tree with the exception that it had a hashtag: #thatsftree. But somehow it became adopted by the community as something representative of the city.

Now that the tree sadly no longer exists, where will Instagrammers congregate in San Francisco? No one really knows — perhaps at the Ferry Building? Golden Gate Park? AT&T Park? Treasure Island? But regardless, the memories made on top of Mount Davidson with #thesftree will surely not be forgotten thanks to Instagram and with those photos being shared, many others will be able to reflect on the good times had there.

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Photo credit: Jeff Diehl/Flickr

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