Facebook has announced that app developers can now associate app pages with app detail pages via the App Center, which will result in adding “Go to App”/”Play Game” and “Visit App Page” buttons.

Facebook app developers can now connect their apps’ details pages with actual app pages. To do this, the page in question needs to be categorized as an “App Page” and must contain the app’s name in its title.

Apart from that, Facebook has introduced a new Promote page for developers, which contains various marketing tools for app makers to promote their products for both desktop and mobile platforms, as well as documentation about ads.

Trying to make developers’ life as comfortable as possible, Facebook recently also launched Developer Alerts to let them know if any platform changes are coming that could break their apps.

The current announcement is a part of a chain of app-related updates that Facebook has made since November, when a large set of changes was introduced to the App Center.

Image credit: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images.