Gowalla doesn’t hide the ability to delete your account, but they don’t necessarily make it obvious either.

We’ve learned today that the social networking behemoth Facebook has purchased Gowalla, the somewhat second-fiddle check-in service to foursquare.

The app has always been brilliantly designed, so it’s a great move by Facebook. If you think the social network has enough of your data already though, you might want to delete your Gowalla account so they don’t get any more of it.

Log in via Gowalla’s website, click Settings, and then choose “Delete Account” in the bottom left.

Gowalla’s GetSatisfaction page suggests that you also email them at live@gowalla.com to make sure the deletion goes through.

So there you have it. If you don’t want Facebook to have all of your Gowalla check-in information, you better delete your account pretty quickly.