You may have not jumped aboard the tablet bandwagon yet, but there’s no denying the growing impact it’s having on the tech industry. And no matter what you think of Apple, the company essentially created the market and continues to lead it to this day.

With the recent launch of the new iPad, startups that have built their business around these slick devices have something to celebrate.

Still fresh from the release of Onswipe 2.0 and a brand new unifying content network, NY-based Onswipe camped out last night to secure a brand new iPad and tonight they’re giving it away at a “New iPad Open Bar.” Best of all, Onswipe managed to pick a place right across from the 14th street Apple Store. This means, if you don’t win a new iPad, you can easily hop in line or simply look on in envy at the resolutionary device.

onswipe happy hour 520x270 Celebrate the new iPad launch with Onswipe and TNW in New York CityIn case you haven’t heard or perhaps as a refresher, Onswipe is a TechStars born startup that makes it easy for any publisher, from a new blogger to the NY Times, to transform their content into an immersive experience on the iPad. It delivers a beautiful, app like experience on the web that’s completely built for the tablet.

TNW is co-sponsoring the event with Onswipe, so if you’re in the area definitely come by and see us at Gaslight, 400 W 14th street! You can RSVP for the free event via the link below, but hurry before it fills up!

24 Celebrate the new iPad launch with Onswipe and TNW in New York CityBrandon Seidel via shutterstock