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iphone sms

Twilio Turns on International SMS in Europe


This bar in the Netherlands lets you pay for your beer with Bitcoins


Online Video is Exploding in Russia. This Report Explains All


App Testing Platform Ubertesters Wins at IDCEE 2013

Grocery shopping

Rakuten Launches Online Marketplace In Spain


Firefox OS Smartphones Headed To More Countries


Wearable Lifelogging Camera Memoto is Now Called Narrative


Prss: A Powerful New Way to Create Professional iPad Magazines

Germany flag

Music Video Site VEVO Arrives in Germany

Windows 8 Phone

Windows Phone Climbs to Nearly 10% of Smartphone Sales Across Europe

An airship fly  monitoring over the Olym

UK Is Setting Up A Cyber Army

Samsung Presents New Products

Samsung Galaxy S3/S4, Note 2/3 and More Region-Locked in Europe