Espoo, Finland-based Rovio has published another book, and this time it’s about the story of how Angry Birds came to be.

If you’re a fan and that sounds like a must-read to you, know that you’ll need to fork over $32.55 or £29.99 to buy the book on Amazon.


In 2012, Rovio booked sales of €152.2 million or $195 million – this book might add a few hundreds of millions of euros to its bottom line in no time. That is, if enough people are sufficiently insane to buy it.

Just consider how many magnets or bag clips or keychains you can buy if you shop for other Angry Birds merch instead, though. THINK ABOUT IT.

Hatching A Universe? How about hatching a shark-jumper?

Image credit: Noel Celis for AFP / Getty Images