DocDoc has received $1 million in funding from the Aurora Venture Capital fund to improve its web portal, which combines a recommendation service with a non-subjective doctors rating.

The service hosts a database of some 2,000 doctors in 70 clinics in and around Moscow and gets paid by them after the patient visits a doctor for the first time.

At the DocDoc website, users can choose a doctor to visit relying on their rating, which is based on education and experience, and reviews left by people who have already been seeing this specialist.

“We value first of all the team of this portal, which has an indisputably successful experience in the IT industry related to medicine and pharmacy,” said Vsevolod Topolyanskiy, a partner at Aurora Venture Capital. “We have our expectations of people, who have done a lot in this segment.”

DocDoc is planning to spend the money received from the Aurora Venture Capital fund to create an online schedule and improve its geographic location-based services.

The pharmaceutical and medical-oriented companies seem to be working actively on the Russian venture market lately. One of the recent examples is two businessmen from these fields buying 50% of the popular freelance marketplace

Image credit: phalinn / Flickr.