Everplaces, the ‘real-world Pinterest’, debuts social discovery to serve users insider recommendations

Everplaces, the ‘real-world Pinterest’, debuts social discovery to serve users insider recommendations ...

Everplaces, a service that lets you save and share snapshots of interesting places via the Web or smartphones, came out of private beta about 6 weeks ago and was promptly dubbed a ‘Pinterest for the real world’ because of its focus on the bookmarking and curation of content in a very straightforward, visual way.

The Everplaces service is one of many in the social travel and local recommendations space, but the app is beautiful and may just end up hitting the sweet spot for users looking to capture, store and share only the best restaurants, bars, museums and whatnot in any given location.

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Today, Everplaces is going live with a new feature called social discovery, basically enabling people to get ‘insider’ recommendations for places to visit, eat, party, hang out etc. in their immediate neighborhood or upcoming travel destination.

The previous version of Everplaces allowed users to ‘bookmark’ locations, but the new extra social layer makes it easier to discover interesting places based on friend recommendations, which are ultimately the ones that tend to matter most.

To use it, you’ll need to hook Everplaces into your Twitter or Facebook account.

Worth noting: the social discovery function is only being released for the Web app.

Everplaces co-founder and CEO Tine Thygesen explains:

“Our users have been crying out for social discovery, so we started with the Web because we could build that the fastest.

Duly noted. For now, users can keep using the iOS app (Android version forthcoming) to keep track of their place collections on the go; the new social discovery feature will be added to it later.

There are plenty of similar services, including Dabble, Trover, Hipster, Pinwheel, GyPSii, Snapr, HipGeo, Foursquare, Ditto, Storie and Penzu.

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