On Thursday at The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam, TNW Co-Founders Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten and Patrick de Laive took the stage to give out 3 brand new HTC Desire HD smartphones. [See our run down of the mobile phone here.] Boris challenged the crowd saying, “Whoever says the nicest thing about Patrick on Twitter wins a phone.”

One social media guy from the crowd named Nicolas Griffioen tweeted,

Screen shot 2011 05 03 at 9.39.48 AM 520x212 You wont believe what this guy did to win an HTC Desire at TNW Conference... [Video]

The next day, Patrick bought a razor set to 3mm and called Nicolas, who has a full head of hair from Buenos Aires, Argentina, up on stage. “Girls dig bald men,” Patrick said “reassuringly”. Watch the full on hair cut here at The Next Web.