Joining in the endofyear list mania we’ve seen this week, streaming music service Spotify has today unveiled its charts of the year’s most streamed tracks.

The charts have been divided up into the separate European countries that Spotify operates in, and one thing’s clear – it’s been a good year for Eminem and Lady Gaga, as their albums and singles top every single chart except in Finland, where local singer Jenni Vartiainen gets the top album spot.

It’s unlikely any of the artists featured in the charts will be made any richer by all those streams. Songwriters have criticised the Sweden-based service for failing to provide adequate royalties. It’s been claimed that 1m Lady Gaga streams earned the singer $167 last year, for example.

Meanwhile, Spotify is still promising to launch in the US despite numerous delays. The latest we heard  was earlier this month when CEO Daniel Ek stated that the company was still in talks with American music labels.