no ie 299x300 Finger weg vom Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer just cannot catch a break these days. The German Federal Office for Security in Information Technology has officially advised people to stop using Internet Explorer, all versions, until Microsoft releases a new patch for the latest gaping security hole.

If you were not aware, in Internet Explorer there is a current security problem that allows a webpage to maliciously inject code onto the machine running the browser. This bug was used by “Operation Aurora,” which hacked Google and other companies in recent days.

Consider this…if it is a large enough problem to hack Google, your site is not safe.

In a statement, the BSI (German Federal Office for Information Security) recommends that until a full patch is released for this “zero day” flaw, that Internet Explorer is not safe, even if users run IE in protected mode.

Given that the majority of the world still runs on Internet Explorer, it seems unlikely that any major impact will be made to IE market share, but at least in Germany the powers that be are making direct moves to protect their citizens.

You can read the Microsoft report on the bug here, which outlines it as a “publicly exploited vulnerability in Internet Explorer.” In other words: IE is broken, and hackers know how to abuse the bug.

At least Germany is doing something about it. You can download the Chrome here, Germany.

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