Embeddable 3D model service Sketchfab today announced the addition of a Minecraft exporter and new integration with crowdsourced product development company Quirky.

Sketchfab offers a universal viewer that lets users embed their 3D models across the Web. With the Minecraft support, the company claims to have all major 3D creation tools covered for exporting models. Designers can use the exporter tools to quickly publish their creations to SketchFab’s website.

Quirky has created its own brand page on Sketchfab showing off models of designs that are currently under development. The two companies plan on continuing to work together, with Sketchfab promising that it will soon allow inventors to submit 3D renderings to the Quirky team.

Sketchfab, a member of the latest Techstars NY class, won the award for Best Lightweight Startup at The Europas at the start of this year.

Image credit: iStockphoto