Google has teamed up with Code School to launch Discover DevTools, an online course for learning about Chrome’s built-in developer tools.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Code School, it’s a service which teaches programming and Web design skills, similarly to Codecademy and Treehouse. While it costs $25/month to utilize Code School’s full set of courses, Discover DevTools is free.

Judging from Google’s announcement, the course appears to be aimed at developers with at least some experience using JavaScript. It starts off with simple lessons on inspecting HTML elements and modifying CSS, and then progresses to DOM manipulation, debugging and more.

Particularly for front-end Web designers, understanding Google’s developer tools is an absolute must. Google also notes that even if you use Chrome DevTools regularly, you might still discover some lesser-known time savers.

If you’re interested in participating in the course, you will (obviously) need Chrome to get started. To try it out for yourself, visit the link below.

➤ Discover DevTools

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Image credit: casasroger