WebRTC, which stands for ‘Web Real-Time Communications,’ is an open source project to enable real-time communication, like video calls and file-sharing, between browsers.

As you may know, Mozilla is invested heavily in WebRTC’s success as a replacement to plugin-heavy VoIP and video conferencing services. Now, as WebRTC is standardized by the W3C, Mozilla has made “all parts of WebRTC, getUserMedia, PeerConnection and DataChannels” available in Firefox Aurora, the pre-Beta build of Firefox.

If you’ve followed WebRTC’s development, this news should come with little surprise; Mozilla debuted how WebRTC can be used to make its Social API significantly more social back in November. It’s quite exciting, however, to see these features actually make their way into Aurora.

Whether your interested in the recent burst of Firefox OS news or not, advancements in this space will benefit all Web users — so long as other browser vendors play nice. You can learn more about how WebRTC, getUserMedia, PeerConnection and DataChannels work here.