Education startup Treehouse launches in-browser command-line to help developers learn the console

Education startup Treehouse launches in-browser command-line to help developers learn the console

After celebrating its one year anniversary and hitting $3.6m in revenues, video-focused tech education startup Treehouse is launching a new course to help aspiring Web developers learn the console.

In case you’re confused, here’s a primer: the console is a highly useful text-based interface. It predates graphical user interfaces, but for developers, the console is an extremely important utility to master — in part because many of the tools you’ll want to use won’t have a GUI at all.

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In order to make the console a bit more approachable, Treehouse has taken an interesting direction, building an in-browser command-line. According to Treehouse, this tool is not just a simulation: “each Treehouse member is able to connect to their very own web server that’s built on-the-fly using Amazon EC2.”

More specifically, Treehouse touts that it has “created a new interface to Amazon’s EC2 platform that makes it trivial to spin up a new server on-demand. This makes it easy to try out the console, make mistakes, and restart with a fresh server if necessary.”


The six part course Getting Started with the Console is immediately available, but four additional stages are in the works. Users and Permissions will be released shortly, on Feb 18, followed by Processes on Mar 04, The Environment on Mar 18, and Setting up a Server on Apr 01.

Treehouse has been praised in the past for its approachable lessons, but the company has received criticism for its slow release of advanced courses. That in mind, it’s nice to see that the company has a clear roadmap available, with increasingly complex lessons coming out every few weeks.

➀ Getting Started with Console via Treehouse

Image credit: Emma Weber

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