TripIt, the trip planning and itinerary app for the Web, iOS and Android, is a great tool for travelers, but boy is it ugly. One you get past the loading screen, the app’s design showcases a complete lack of personality and attention to detail, which truly weighs down an otherwise useful tool.

There’s good news, however, if you agree that this app could use some work: One user was so fed up with TripIt’s loss of potential that he decided to redesign the entire app on his own, and honestly did quite an impressive job.

Take a peek at original design below and then compare it to Andrew MacKenzie‘s redesign:

MacKenzie’s redesign:

No, apps don’t need to be as polished as Path to be successful, but usability and design go hand in hand. Even if you removed MacKenzie’s slick skeuomorphic leather background, you’d still end up with a much more approachable, clean design. That’s why his redesign wins.

Check out full size images and the creator’s reasoning behind the design via the link below. What do you think of it? Should TripIt hire MacKenzie, or could they do better? Let us know in the comments!

➤ TripIt Redesign